Numerous organizations and businesses are increasingly utilizing digital signage in place of traditional static signage. Nowadays, companies are opting for digital solutions because innovations in technology have made digital signage more available and accessible even for small businesses. However, the most important thing to consider when using digital signage is its placement.

Simply creating content and putting it on a screen is not going to attract your customers. Strategic placement and positioning of digital signage is what can win your customers over. Therefore, it is essential to consider various factors before you place the digital signage.


Effective Placement Options for Digital Signage

The following are some effective ideas and options for your digital signage placement: 

Interior Columns and Walls:

This is one of the most commonly used placements for digital signage and is also rather effective. The signs are fixed against the surface or are angled in a way to face customers. These also comprise broad messages, which are positioned in areas that are highly trafficked so that customers can easily view them as they browse the store.

Aisle Endcaps:

This placement is suitable for smaller digital signage that showcases targeted messages. These signs typically are related to the items that are placed nearby and may also include demo or tutorial videos of a product or specific information about products. Often, signage screens get triggered by customers’ movements and are controlled by the interaction of the customers.

Freestanding Kiosks:

The best thing about digital signage is that they aren’t limited to wall hangings or fixtures. You can place them at any location of your store or business by utilizing freestanding kiosks or displays. It is ideal to place these signs at the locations that have higher traffic as compared to the rest of the store. Avoid the decompression zone, which is the first few feet of the entrance. This is because your customers are more likely to interact with digital signage once they have moved past the decompression zone.

Customer Service Counter:  

A digital signage that provides details and information about your products, placed behind the service counter or checkout counter can grab the attention of the customers as they wait in line. However, the content must be engaging and upbeat, and designed to entertain the customers and make their waiting time seem short.

Waiting Areas:

Placing your digital signage in the waiting area of your store is another effective means of sharing relevant information regarding your products with your customers. It is best to incorporate content that is educational but also entertaining to keep the customers engaged while they wait.

Patient Rooms:

Just like in waiting areas and customer service counters, digital signage can be placed in patient rooms to keep them engaged and entertained as they wait. This helps in enhancing the level of patient satisfaction and allows you to share educational content with patients.

Empty Spaces, Changing Rooms, and Elevators:

The majority of the businesses, offices and stores have a few unique locations like space in the elevators, near changing rooms, and other empty spaces that can be utilized by placing digital signs. This can help you in attracting the attention of your audience in an otherwise empty space.

Break Rooms and Employee Areas: 

The usual conception is that digital signage is meant for customers only. But, it can also be used to engage, motivate, and inform your employees. Therefore, placing a few digital signage in break rooms or other employee areas where your staff relaxes during their breaks can help keep them entertained and informed. This will help in enhancing employee satisfaction.

These are some effective ideas for the placement of digital signage, which can help you in achieving your goals.

Finalizing Your Digital Signage Placement

With these ideas, it is essential that you determine which placement would be best for the needs and requirements of your business. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself to help you in finalizing the placement of the digital signage:

  • Is there any extra walls or shelf space that grabs your customers’ attention and should be filled?
  • Which area of your store or business do your customers spend most of their time?
  • Which location in your store or business do the customers wait around?
  • What is the usual pathway the customers take in your store?
  • Is there any specific aisle or place that has the highest foot traffic?

These things will help you in finding the best placement for positioning your digital signage. Keep in mind that just because there is an empty space in your store or business, it doesn’t mean you simply place the digital signage there. The placement should be where your customers can most engage with the signage.

Digital Signage Placement Tips

When making your final decisions regarding the placement of digital signage, consider the following tips to ensure that you make the most of it:

  • Distance – it is important to calculate the distance between the screen and the viewer. Ensure that the images and text are large enough for your customers to easily see from a distance.
  • Height – keep in mind that the normal field of vision of an individual is around 75 degrees from the eye level and 60 degrees above the eye level. Consider this to ensure you position the screen within the range of vision.
  • Screen Time – depending on the average time your customer spends in front of the screen, limit the content accordingly so that they have sufficient time to view the whole content.

These tips will help you in making the most of the digital signage and achieving your goals. A common mistake made by many businesses is placing the signage too low or too high, or too near the entrance. When a customer enters your business, they are focused on your products. Therefore, it is essential that you place the sign at a strategic location so that your customers don’t miss it.

If you are still unsure about the placement of your digital signage or are looking for AV maintenance or installation solutions, feel free to consult Hugh’s Innovative AV Solutions. We provide AV solutions as per the requirements and needs of your business and will guide you to select the best digital signage and placement options to meet your goals.

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