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In today’s world of remote work and across-the-world collaboration, boardrooms matter more than ever. They’re the spaces where decisions are made – even when decision-makers aren’t in the same room. When technology isn’t optimized – or, worse, when it doesn’t work – communication is disrupted, and decisions suffer.

Your business deserves better.

 With top-line products installed by our team of experts at Hughs AV, you can equip your boardrooms with cutting-edge technology that works seamlessly in your space, fostering collaboration and communication to create an environment that empowers your business.

 It’s time to build a better boardroom experience.

Boardroom AV Solutions

We offer a broad selection of leading technology products to suit the needs of your boardroom.

Display Solutions

  • Interactive panel displays
  • Interactive projectors and whiteboards for distance learning
  • Large-format touchscreens
  • 4K and HD screens
  • Custom design and install
  • Multi-user, multi-touch video wall allowing for multiple, simultaneous 1080p displays

Boardroom Audio Systems

  • Multiple inputs and outputs
  • Acoustic treatment
  • High-fidelity speakers
  • Intuitive control systems

    Boardroom Projector Systems

    • Interactive projectors using Whiteboards Distant learning
    • High-resolution projectors
    • Energy-saving bulbs
    • Visually stunning screens
    • Intuitive control systems

    Collaboration Systems

    • Zoom and Office Teams classrooms and meeting rooms
    • Full room integrations with cameras, mics, and easy-to-use Digital Canvas

    Digital Signage

    • 4K and HD displays
    • Intuitive management software
    • Optimized placements



    Top-Level Tech

    We offer a broad selection of the best boardroom AV products and solutions. Choose from cutting-edge or tried and proven. Rest assured in the quality of the product.

    Tailored to Your Needs

    We won’t push you into a solution that doesn’t fit. Instead, we’ll work with you to understand your space and collaborate on a solution that empowers it.

    Expert Installation

    We’ll implement your solution according to the highest industry standards with our in-house, ANSI CTS certified technicians. Our experts make sure that your systems work.

    All we can say is WOW! This product is living up to its reputation and more. Brad was awesome! A top-notch installer with tons of information.

    Rob R.

    Project Manager, S&O Construction Services

    How to Get a Boardroom AV Quote

    We try to make the process of getting your project from concept to quote as simple as possible.

    Step 1:

    Get in Touch

    We’ll set up a call to discuss your boardroom needs and take the first steps toward identifying empowering AV solutions.

    Step 2:

    We Visit the Location

    With concept in hand, we visit the space to get a full understanding of needs and challenges so that your solution can be optimized for effectiveness.

    Step 3:

    Get a Quote

    We provide a quote on a selection of products and services tailored to your needs and designed to maximize the potential of your space.

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