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An optimized projector system can make a lasting impression.

Increasingly, projector systems can also last a lont time. Many questions around projectors have to do with expected hours and bulb life. Today, lamp-powered projetors provide, on average, between 3,000 and 6,000 hours of full power life before dimming to below 50% of original brightness. And, laser-powered models last even longer – 16,000 to 20,000 hours, on average, or the equivalent of four years of constant, full-power, 24/7 usage. 

That longevity means that projector systems compare favorably to other displays, and that’s even truer when considering the screen size that projector systems offer for your money. Increasingly, they offer high-quality resolution, too – many projectors offer a 4K display.

How a projector system can benefit your organization:

For any organization, projectors are a flexible way to share presentations with groups of almost any size.

For houses of worship, projectors can be an ideal way to convey information during gatherings, whether that means via text slides or even live streamed video.

And, of course, for educators, projector systems provide an ideal way to present information and capture student attention, especially in large class settings.

How Hugh’s Can Help With Your Projector System:

At Hugh’s Innovative AV Solutions, we offer projector system installation, consultation, and maintenance from a team of experts. With 60 years of experience in providing audio-video solutions, we always focus on making your projector system fits your needs. We won’t oversell you, and we won’t overcomplicate your needs.

We know that audio-video solutions are most helpful when they “just work” – and projector systems are no exception. We’ll work with you to make sure that all the components of your projector system are optimized for your space – from the screens, to the bulbs, to the projectors, to the controllers – so that you can make a lasting impressing on your audience.

Optimize your space with a projector system worth watching.


Whether you’re looking for retail digital signage or the best conference system for your boardroom, we can help meet your commercial AV needs.


Great school AV systems make great environments for education to thrive. From grade schools to universities, our audio video solutions get high marks.

House of Worship

Whether your house of worship is traditional or contemporary, your audio video solutions should complement your services, not distract from them.


Institutional AV systems often require unique solutions. From surveillance sytems, to satellite and cable RF distribution networks, to PA systems, we can help.

All we can say is WOW! This product is living up to its reputation and more. Brad was awesome! A top-notch installer with tons of information.

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With the concept in hand, we visit the location to get a full understanding of your space, needs, and any challenges to your project. Knowing the space can save you time and money on your project, whether it's a new installation or a system upgrade.

Step 3

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With all the information gathered, we do the research on the right products and services to make your project a success for you and your end users. The quote is delivered to you for review and questions can be answered at any time.

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