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Video conferencing is a way to bring people together and make business more efficient – but only when the systems being used are designed efficiently.

Today, video conferencing has become more common and accessible, thanks to increasingly powerful devices and the advent and development of Voice over IP (or VoIP) technology. If your organization frequently communicates with remote employees or members, or if you have multiple locations, equipping a space for video conferencing will be well worth your time.

For these conference systems, there are two main component areas to consider.

Audio Conferencing Components

Just as important as the video components, of course, are the audio components of a conferencing system. We have experience optimizing meeting spaces for audio conferencing, with analog or IP conferencing options, and speaker and microphone system designs to equip each potential user for the best audio conferencing experience.

Video Conferencing Components

The second component to video conferencing systems, is, of course, the video itself. Cameras are one part of that. Additionally, depending upon the software being used, there are different video converging standards that must be adhered to. At Hugh’s, we can align your system for video standards for a variety of software platforms, including Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, and more, while using the latest, cutting edge video hardware to bring your meetings to life.

How a video conference system can benefit your organization:

  • Video conferencing reduces the need to travel, as meetings with multiple members at varying locations can take place remotely.
  • Video conferencing reintroduces the human element to conference calls, allowing for the transfer of communicative visual queues in a way that’s impossible via only audio.
  • Video conferencing systems allow for more comprehensive demonstrations, with the ability to share screens and the appearance of physical objects.

How Hugh’s Helps With Your Video conference System:

At Hugh’s Innovative AV Solutions, we offer video conference system installation, consultation, and maintenance from a team of experts. With 60 years of experience in providing audio-video solutions, we always focus on making your videoconference system fits your needs. We won’t overcomplicate what your needs are; we won’t oversell you.

We know that audio-video solutions are most helpful when they “just work” – and video conference systems are no exception. There’s nothing more frustrating than signing onto a meeting, only to be met with lagging audio and a disjointed display.

We’ll work with you to make sure that all the components of your video conference system are optimized for your space – from the screens, to the cameras, to the system controllers, to the software – so that you can communicate via video conference as effective as possibly.

Optimize your meetings with a video conferencing system that makes communication easier than ever.


Whether you’re looking for retail digital signage or the best conference system for your boardroom, we can help meet your commercial AV needs.


Great school AV systems make great environments for education to thrive. From grade schools to universities, our audio video solutions get high marks.

House of Worship

Whether your house of worship is traditional or contemporary, your audio video solutions should complement your services, not distract from them.


Institutional AV systems often require unique solutions. From surveillance sytems, to satellite and cable RF distribution networks, to PA systems, we can help.

All we can say is WOW! This product is living up to its reputation and more. Brad was awesome! A top-notch installer with tons of information.

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