While PA systems can be invaluable to a school administration, they can also come with a host of troubles that can make it difficult or almost impossible to get your message across clearly and audibly. Sometimes, a few adjustments from your end are all you need to fix the issues you’re facing while other times it is best to get in touch with professionals who can help identify the issue.

Here are a few common school PA mistakes or problems you might come across.

Mistake #1: You Have the Wrong PA System

Not every PA system is created equal. Different settings will require different types of PA systems with varying features. The types of PA systems you will install in classes, for example, will not be the same kind that you would need in your sports grounds.

If you haven’t consulted with a professional to choose a PA system that specifically meets your requirements, you may end up installing a system that is not strong enough to cover the area.

Mistake #2: You Have an Untrained Operator

An untrained operator can lead to a faulty system. This doesn’t necessarily have to be because the system itself is not working properly but rather because the operator doesn’t have the knowledge and hasn’t been trained on how to use the PA system to its full potential. This can also increase the chances of damaging or destroying components of the system if the operator doesn’t have adequate knowledge of safety precautions for the system.

Mistake #3: You’re Using the Wrong Kind of Amplifier

Sound distortion is something no one wants as part of their PA system but unfortunately, it’s a fairly common occurrence. A common cause for sound distortion on PA systems is using a power amplifier to make your system work across a wider radius.

While the right amplifier can help boost audio, if used incorrectly, it could cause complications. This is why it’s always advised to buy a higher power system. You can always adjust the system down with relatively less hassle than it takes to amplify a smaller one.

While a low powered speaker can be the result of incorrect, faulty audio, the wrong kind of amplifier too can cause problems. If you’re using an amplifier that doesn’t have enough power, you will most likely end up with low volume, even when everything is turned up to the highest setting.

Make sure to gauge the correct requirements of your system or have a professional come in to perform an assessment.

Mistake #4: The Placement of Speakers is Incorrect

Incorrect placement of speakers can greatly affect the quality of sound. If your speakers are placed too far apart in a large area such as a gymnasium or a ground, the chances of delayed sound from one of the speakers are highly possible. This creates a distorted audio experience.

Another problem that can arise as a result of incorrectly placed speakers is fuzzy interference that makes it difficult to hear the audio clearly.

Mistake #5: You Have a Bad Wire Connection

One of the most annoying problems that you can have with a PA system is the loss of sound in a speaker or in other words, having a dead speaker. This is usually caused by a bad wire connection that can be located at your speaker or an amplifier (if you’re using one). A severed wire can be easily repaired or replaced by calling in professionals.

Mistake #6: There’s Electrical Interference

Electrical interference can mess with the quality of audio you get from your PA system. If there is interference in the form of an electric short, you will most likely hear a loud hum from the speakers when using the system. This can be fixed by finding the source of interference and correcting or repairing it.

Mistake #7: The Microphone is too Close to Your Speakers

Remember how we told you speaker placement matters? So does the placement of your microphones. If you place your microphone too close to your speaker, you may end up with loud, shrill screeching that can be very unpleasant.

Mistake #8: You’re Not Using Shielded Wire

Like electrical interference, radio interference is also a common problem that is caused by using the wrong kind of wire. If your PA system is experiencing problems with radio interference, you can correct this by getting your current wire replaced with shielded wires.

Mistake #9: Your Leads are Not Labeled Correctly

Mislabeled leads can make it more difficult to determine the signal path. This can lead to delays and problems with the smooth operation of your PA system. This can be avoided by using properly labeled or color-coded leads so you know exactly which connection goes where. 

Mistake #10: You’re Not Keeping Up with System Maintenance 

The lifespan of a PA system can be prolonged if you keep your system up to date with regular maintenance. Neglecting maintenance and sound checks can lead to easily rectified problems that can grow into larger concerns. 

A good, reputable organization that understands your school’s PA needs is fundamental to ensure the smooth running of your system. It’s always good to have a dependable source to lean on if and when something goes wrong.

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We know that a smooth functioning PA system is essential to your school and you would like any faults in your system to be up and running as soon as possible. This is why our same day assessment and quick service make clients trust us so much.

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